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Guests of the Super Mike Show 

Meet Americas's leading safety and wellness experts.

Guests on the Super Mike Show will include some of America's leading experts in safety, law enforcement and wellness.  


On the first episode you will meet personal safety expert Tom Patire, sports performance specialist Bill Parisi, textile engineer & chemist Fred Dombrow, Jr., and Chiropractic physician Dr. Ted Koren



Inventor & Textile Engineer

Mr. Dombrow is well-recognized for pioneering the process of infusing therapeutic minerals into fabrics. He is inventor and CEO at FIR Industries. Fred developed a proprietary infusion technique to bond a Quaternary Antimicrobial to fabric, which major manufacturers attempted to do for decades and never were able to accomplish. That technique was modified to FIR Industries’ patent-pending mineral infusion technology, which is what makes FIR's products unique. Click here to learn to learn more about Fred Dombrow Jr.



Sports Performance Specialist

Mr. Parisi Speed School franchises have trained more than 650,000 athletes in over 100 facilities in 31 states. In 2009 the Parisi Speed School would go on to be named to the Franchise Times “Fast 55” list. Bill was also commissioned for eight consecutive years to present at the NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Football Development Clinic in Canton, Ohio. Bill has been featured on FOX Sports, ESPN & CNBC. Click here to learn more about Bill Parisi.

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Protection Specialist

Mr. Patire by trade is a world-renowned bodyguard and CEO of State of the Art Security Agency since 1989. He services as a private protection specialist have been called upon by people such as Chuck Norris, Rupert Murdoch, Janet Reno, Cher, Mike Myers, 50 cent, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. And organizations such as the Grammies, Music Awards, Olden Globe, Yankees, Jets, NFL, and NBA, among others. Click here to learn more about Tom Patire.



Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Tedd Koren is the most widely read Doctor of Chiropractic in the world today. Since 1987, when he started Koren Publications, over 100 million pieces of his popular scientifically-referenced patient education materials have been distributed worldwide. Dr. Koren travels the world speaking on chiropractic research, history, philosophy, childhood vaccinations, natural healing and other topics. Click here to learn more about Dr. Ted Koren.

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